You really should consider about your future seriously when you stay in office after 11 o'clock at night usually.

        All staffs were constrained to not only work overtime but also got heavy workload last year. More and more works that out of one's job description we should carried out. It is very popular in Taiwan and it's nothing big deal for me. However, working is for living and salary should rise to my workload proportionately.

        I started to look for a way which I can try hard for and determined my performance one year ago. At the first time I decided to continue working hard for higher position and more salaries here. In Spring 2010, I realized that the organization of company and the conditions of promotion as this position is difficult for me to be promoted. Design and art both are not paid attention and neither do the personal efforts. I tried; then, I quitted.

        It is on the spur of the moment this year. I resigned while I was promoted in the same month. I left the company which I originally decided to continue my service for the rest of my life at the moment I on board. Why ? If you can create more benefit, why you land a job that provides lower salary?

        During these days after quitting the job I start to study English and warm up for preparing portfolio. Learning mass of vocabularies in a short time is terrible indeed; nevertheless, I grow up more. I appreciate all of you who gave me cases to do. It is fewer working days and almost the same monthly incomes as before. There isn't definite way of the future besides the limited in the present I know. Life is full of challenge and adventure. It's always never too late to make up your mind. I will do all my best to make dreams come true. I hope so.




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